World Squash Star "Nour Al-Sherbini" Unveils Secret of Excellence

Nour Al-Sherbini, the World Squash Champion, reviewed the story of her success and secrets of excellence during a meeting, arranged by the Woman’s Sports Committee of Dubai Sports Council, Monday 5th June 2017 at Dubai Ladies Club’s premises in the presence of members of the Woman’s Sports Committee & several squash fans. Nour Al-Sherbini is the squash star of Egypt National Team and the first ranked all over the world, who has got the World Ladies Cup’s title twice (in 2016 & 2017 successively).

She expressed pleasure toward her visit to Dubai & meeting with a group of UAE female athletes. Nour Al-Sherbini stated: “I am pleased to arrive Dubai & participate in Dubai Squash Professionals Championship, to take place at Dubai Opera and classified as one of the toughest squash competitions all over the world, since it is joined by elite group of world squash champions.

I extremely appreciate the sports facilities in Dubai particularly the squash pitches, which are well equipped. The Emirate of Dubai hosts several top world championships and has therefore become a destination for sport & athletes”.

Ms. Lamya Abdul Aziz Khan, Manager of Dubai Ladies Club & Deputy Chairwoman of Woman Sports Committee of DSC, welcomed the World Squash Champion’s visit and remarked: “I am so pleased with the presence of Nour Al-Sherbini, who has attained excellence & honored the Arab woman’s sport in the international field. She is a talented player and a source for all ladies who are ambitious to achieve success & distinction, taking into account that she has gained the world title twice in 2016 & 2017”.

Ms. Lamya Khan referred that the visit is a unique opportunity for Dubai Ladies Club’s members & visitors to meet with the Egyptian distinctive star of Squash, who is considered as a model for diligence & self–confidence. She pointed out that Nour Al-Sherbini has caught this chance to be acquainted with the modern facilities, distinctive pitches & advanced equipment in the Club.

In answering the attendees’ enquires, the World Squash Champion said: “I commenced the exercising of squash in the age of 5, when I was watching my elder brother, Omar Al-Sherbini, practicing this game. Thanks to my parents’ support, I have mastered the squash game. I have also received remarkable support from my coach, who presented vital role & helped me to enhance my technical level. I have gained my first title in the age of eight and ranked 1st in Egypt.

In 2009, when I was in the age of 13, I got the World Cup’s title, which is considered as a turning point in my squash career”.  Nour Al-Sherbini added: “I join proper preparatory program & take enough time of rest before participating in any competition. It is very important to have sufficient hours of sleeping, so that I can focus & present excellent performance. I exercise training sessions six days a week; 4 hours per day; two hours in the morning for physical fitness & two hours during evening time for the squash trainings. There is no contradiction between the exercise of squash and my academic study. I am currently in the final year in the Faculty of Information and I am earning excellent academic results. I am dreaming to innovate a project to link between media & squash”.

The Youngest World Squash Star concluded: “I advise all ladies to fix ambitious goals and to exert hard efforts to achieve these goals, so that they will become stars & attain excellence. I also advise them to enjoy exercising the squash game, taking into account that the game can be practiced at indoor halls or outdoor pitches. Squash is an exciting game that enables women to build character and enjoy fit & elegant body.

It also teaches women the principles of adherence & accuracy”.   Ms. Fawziya Fraidoon, Manager of Cultural Activities Sec. of Woman’s Sports Dept. in DSC & Member of the Woman’s Sports Committee, remarked: “The Woman’s Sports Committee of DSC organizes several initiatives to boost women’s role in the sports sector.

This meeting is part of the DSC’s endeavors to popularize the exercise of squash and to encourage those who practice the game to exert further efforts to boost technical levels and attain achievements for UAE in the international fields. The Woman’s Sports Committee saves no efforts to achieve these noble goals”. By the end of the meeting, Ms. Lamya Khan awarded the world squash star and took memorial photos with her along with the Woman Sports Committee’s members and Dubai Ladies Club’s associates.


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