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On November 14, 1991, Vinny Paz was severely injured in a car crash, breaking his neck, the then 28-year-old boxer Vinny Paz sat in front of the media and promised a full recovery. He returned to the ring and won three more titles, ending his career as a five-time world champion.

Vinny had to wearing a “halo” with four metal screws drilled into his forehead to support the breastplate and steel rod stabilizing his spine. Doctors had told Paz his career was over and he might never walk again let alone box again, and that any false move could mean paralysis. What did Vinny Paz do? “ I am going to box again,” he said. “You don’t understand what kind of man I am.”

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His life story was depicted in a hit Hollywood movie played by Miles Teller.

The Sports Journal reported yesterday that there have been negotiations, which was confirmed by Dana White himself, for a rematch between Floy Mayweather and Conor McGregor, except this time in the UFC Octagon with ‘modified rules’. I would like to clarify that no deal is in place, nor any contract is signed, only initial talks.

Some of rules discussed were: no kicks, no elbows, no take downs, 4 ounce gloves, with 5-five minute rounds and without shoes.

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“The world has heard about the May-Mac rematch, I just wish it was a full MMA fight, not a boxing match in the cage. No elbows, no takedowns? What is that? Said Vinny Paz

It is hard to believe that Floyd Mayweather will go in a full MMA fight, against one of the best fighters in the UFC, there are so many layers to the MMA game and it may take Floyd years to learn the basics of the different combats sports, certainly not within 8 months.

“This will sell no matter what. It’s the billion-dollar fight, it’s become entertainment. This big fight may happen, people doubted the first Conor and Mayweather fight, everything is possible, and people have to remember that. Let’s see what happens, as things change very quickly in this sport: said Vinny Paz

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Vinny Paz’s life story was given a global spotlight when Miles Teller played him in the hit Hollywood movie, Bleed For This, the movie is now available on HBO. “I got a lot of letters from my fans from all over the world, I really appreciate them” he said.

“Miles Teller did an amazing job with the movie, I was happy with his performances but not some other things.

“As I felt my movie showed by comeback, many were disappointed with my career timeline so not many know my team have been working on a few things but I only chose to work with Razak.

“He is he best at history of sports, MMA being one. He followed my career along with many now in pro boxing. I am looking forward to show my fights and my true career itself. I recommend everyone watches his new documentary called ‘MASK’ on iTunes and will be out next on Netflix very soon. I am looking forward to the day when IBHOF [International Boxing Hall of Fame] wise up and induct me into the hall of fame.

Friends are always there when you have your career in boxing and when my movie was released everyone wanted the glory and fifteen minutes of fame, and then it’s back to the real life. I am glad that I am done as a boxer, I have other things to focus on, whether that’s guest speaking as a commentator or inspiring people.

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Boxing as a sport has always been up and down, and Vinny Paz believes only one man can come and fix it – Dana White

“Boxing landscape is simple, the only way it can come back to the highest level is if Dana White comes in and runs it, just like he has proven with MMA. It needs that touch and to be honest, he is the only one. I think it can bring back that heavyweight attention, no doubt.”

The biggest fight in Boxing to be made right now is the Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, heavyweight unification fight and Vinny believes “Wilder will find a way to win”

“I like Wilder always, he knows how to win. I think if they fight, Wilder will find a way to win.”

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What’s next for the five-time world champion?

“I travel a lot for guest appearances, and look to do things in Boxing in Las Vegas, I corner the legend Roberto Duran’s son now and will ride a bit if boxing gets a second wind. He won his last fight by KO in the 4th round, the kid has potential, his dad was Hands of Stone, easily the hardest hitting boxer ever and his son is following his path.

“I am also making a tell all hardcore documentary with the brilliant Bobby Razack.

“Life is tough it’s full of ups and downs, I just want to inspire people to get up and do the impossible. Zena, who manages everything for me, including the PR, she has done a great job with the movie. I hear Boxing is up in the UAE, so maybe someday I come there to inspire new Boxers looking to make it big.


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