Tomás Roncero Editor of The Spanish Newspaper Diario AS -On Sports Journalism In MENA Region and Spanish Football

Tomás Roncero Editor in Chief of the Spanish newspaper Diario AS, collaborator in Spanish sports radio & television programs Carrusel Deportivo and Chiringuito de Jugones, madridista and famous for his unfiltered opinions about football, talked to The Sports Journal about sports journalism in the MENA region, Real Madrid’s plans for the transfer market, the situation in Catalonia and much more.

What was the deciding factor to launch AS Arabia? Do you think there is a lack of wider La Liga coverage in the MENA region?

AS has been working for years on a digital expansion project around the world. We have delegations based in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Miami. The Arab world was missing, it’s a very important part in our expansion strategy, and with this agreement we will reach 25 countries in the Arab world. We are proud of this step we’ve taken.

What is your opinion about sports media in general in the MENA region?

I don’t have enough knowledge about the work they do to evaluate it. What I do know is that in that region there is a growing passion for sports, especially football.

What are the plans for AS in the region – will it be just online or also on print? Which countries will the print newspaper be distributed in the region?

Only online. Our future strategy is based on new technologies. Everything through the Internet.

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Do you think that the bad moment that Real Madrid is experiencing is due to a lack of motivation or the injuries suffered by many of the important players of the team?

Tomás Roncero Editor of The Spanish Newspaper Diario AS -On Sports Journalism In MENA Region and Spanish Football


Both. Winning so many titles since the arrival of Zidane has made some players low their intensity. And the injuries of Carvajal, Keylor, Kovacic and Bale have also hurt the team.

Do you think that Zidane’s Real Madrid is capable of overcoming the difference of points with the current leaders?

Of course, this team has shown that it has no limits and that it is capable of anything.

In your opinion, who is the player (or players) that Real Madrid has to buy in the transfer market?

Kane, Mbappé and an experienced and physically strong midfielder.

What is your favorite moment that you lived as a Madridista? And the worst?

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The goal of Ramos in Lisbon in La Decima (Tenth Champions League title) It was ecstasy.The worst are the two leagues that were stolen from us by the referees in Tenerife in the last match of the season (seasons 1991-92 and 1992-93).

Why did you recently open a twitter account in Arabic (@TomasRonceroA)? Do you have many Arab followers?

My friend Aref gave me the idea. It’s an honor to share my account with the friends of the Arab world.

Do you think that the current situation in Catalonia will influence the sport side in Spain and especially in LaLiga if Catalan teams such as Barcelona and Espanyol leave?

I don’t contemplate that possibility. Spain will remain united and therefore the Catalan teams will continue in the League.


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