roberto duran jr. in training camp

Roberto Duran is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, and with that comes a set of responsibilities and sacrifices away from family and friends.  Speaking exclusively to The Sports Journal, Roberto Duran Jr. said – “To be honest, I didn’t grow up with my father, I grew up with my mother and grandparents because he was always in camp and also being a busy individual.”

“But it’s an a amazing feeling to have a legend for a father. I have spent some time with him when I was young and one thing I learned was passion and dedication he has for the sport of boxing. So watching him has influenced me to do the same and also to me was a way of life.”

Roberto Duran Jr. had a great debut with a KO, and being the son of one of the greatest boxers in history, comes with its own set of pressure. and Jr. believes “fight fans are going to expect me to accomplish and preform to an identical level my father has.”

The legendary Roberto ‘Hands of Stone’ Duran

Turning pro comparatively late for a boxer, at the age of 29, just how long can Jr. compete at the highest level as a boxer?

“Honestly, it does not matter if you turn pro early or late. what matters is, the amount of raw talent I was blessed with and what I’m able to accomplish in such a short career. God made it out to be this way and so now is my time. Better late than never to carry the family name.”

Roberto Duran Jr is promoted by Chris Lawrence and he is always looking for the next opponent to build his young record and career.

“Vinny Paz is my coach and his words of advice I hold with great value. Mainly to keep focused and train like I’ve been boxing for years, and not to ruch in to anything.”

Roberto Duran Jr. in victory

Boxing is a sport that has always been marred with controversy and politics, and Jr. believes that many talents don’t get their chance due to favoritism.

“We all know boxing is no walk in the park, and in this era it’s about who you know. There is so much great talent out there and the majority of them don’t get the chance to flourish because of the favoritism that certain promotional company’s hold.”

When asked what would be the defining fight of his career, he said “Well I fight at 147 pounds and if I’m blessed to make it far, I would love to fight Mikey Garcia.”

“I just hope I am giving the same amount of love and respect my father has gained and giving the chance to prove my self in up holding the legacy while creating my own name.”


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