Pro League Committee Introduces New Players Data System

The Pro League Committee announced that they has adopted the players’ performance tracking system known as “Tracking and Heatmap System” to be trialled throughout the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons in collaboration with football data collection and graphics technology company  TVision.

The system tracks player’s movements during matches to provide accurate data about their speed, positioning and heatmaps for movements and distance covered. It also provides data about percentage of play in the different areas of the pitch and other related statistics.

The technology will be utilized in selected matches throughout this season The PLC had trialed the system in five matches including the Arabian Gulf Cup semi-final and final matches.

Data collected by the system will be displayed at half time and full time. The technology is expected to add important statistics and data for TV broadcast and contribute to better quality of service to stakeholders including broadcasters, media, clubs and partners in addition to the positive impact it will have on technical analysis of matches.


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