President Sheikh Khalifa Calls To Allow Children of Female Emirati Citizens To Participate In Official Sport Events

President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has directed to allow the children of Emirati women to take part in official sports competitions held in the UAE, declaring that now it doesn’t require being an Emirati national to participate in these competitions; this also includes those holders of passports which are under process, as well as those born in the UAE released via Emirates News Agency

It is still not clear as of now the exact details if expats who are not born in the UAE would be allowed to play for UAE football clubs and other sports in the country and if they would be able to represent UAE in competitions outside the country. The UAE government in the coming weeks will announce more details on this.

The President also directed the Cabinet to put in place the necessary regulations and conditions for the implementation of the directive in order to achieve this.

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The new directive comes in light of the government’s move to activate, promote and support various sports activities, to benefit from the talents of athletes, and to enhance their participation in various sporting activities and official events held in the country, reaffirming that sport is an integral part of peoples’ and nations’ civilisation and progress.


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