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Mohammad Fakhreddine and Tahar Hadbi have been jawing at each other for the past several months. The bizarre no contest ending in their first encounter set up the much-anticipated rematch for Brave CF 10 in Amman, Jordan.

Fakhreddine fought Hadbi back in November in Bahrain when a low blow by Hadbi sent him to the canvas. Fakhreddine was stretchered out and unable to continue leaving no definitive ending to the debate.

With Fakhreddine pushing the pace and Hadbi looking to counter, the fight was nonstop action. Hadbi believes he had the first fight in the bag and Fakhreddine strongly disagrees.

“Well about him saying he was winning the fight I think I might have hit him a bit too hard in the head,” Fakhreddine said. “He can’t tell who’s who but we all saw how the fight was going.”

And he plans on leaving no doubt in Amman, putting an end to the rivalry.

Brave CF

“But this time when we fight again I’ll hit him twice as hard. I’m more than ready for this fight. To me it’s not a rematch it’s just me finishing business. It’s going to be the same story, I’m going to chase him and he’s going to run.”

Fakhreddine is currently in Phuket, Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai where he often spends his training camps. He is confident in his preparation and the quality of training he is getting there.

“My training is going really good in preparation for this fight,” Fakhreddine said. “I train with a lot of top level fighters and coaches and we’re pushing each other.”

With a lot of bad blood and trash talk between the two, Fakhreddine will look to keep his emotions in check. His calm demeanor reflects his intention to leave the talking in the cage.

“No of course it doesn’t affect me not one bit,” Fakhreddine said on the trash talk. “I’m keeping my emotions in the hotel room this fight. I’m going in there on a mission to win and I’ll make sure I’ll come out on top.”

Having been previously scheduled to fight for the vacant welterweight title back in Brave CF 8 in Brazil and being forced out due to illness, Fakhreddine knows his time will come. He is focused on the task at hand that he hopes will propel him to an opportunity for the coveted prize.

Brave CF

“Yeah, I was scheduled to fight for the strap before and I got sick the night before the weigh-ins and this is haunting me really bad,” Fakhreddine explained.

“But for now, my focus is on one guy. Sooner or later I’ll get the shot at whoever has it. I’m here and they can’t deny me for too long because I’m here to prove I’m the best.”

And he will get to compete in front of arguably the most passionate crowd in the Middle East. Multiple Jordanians are slated to compete in front of their home crowd and Fakhreddine is expected to get the hero’s welcome too.

“Me fighting in Jordan again is like me fighting at home,” Fakhreddine said. “I love my Jordanian fans. I had my first pro fight and now we’re making it back to where it all started. People there know me more than they know me back home and appreciate good fights and that’s what I’m going to give them.”

Fakhreddine will take on Tahar Hadbi on March 2nd in Amman, Jordan in arguably the promotion’s most heated and anticipated fight yet.


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