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One of the best welterweights in Europe, Karl Amoussou has signed with Brave Combat Federation and he is already making headlines. He wasted no time in making his intentions heard as he targets the welterweight strap.

He has already called out his first opponent, a familiar face in Tahar Hadbi who is a former teammate of his. Amoussou believes there is unfinished business between the two and would love to knock Hadbi off welterweight title contention.

And his reasons are simple.

“I’m the best ranked welterweight in Brave and he’s the second one,” Amoussou said. “I see it more as an opportunity that I was offering him and a fight that would make sense.”

And word is that Hadbi has had some choice words about him making his signing to Brave a perfect opportunity for them to throw down.

“And I say an opportunity because I’ve heard that he told people that he’d love to kick my ass as we were no longer teammates,” Amoussou added. “So, there you go. I’ve never been that close to you Tahar.”

Both guys used to train at MMA Factory in Paris and have spent plenty of time sparring and on the mats. Amoussou believes he used to get the better of Hadbi every time.

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“There’s been a lot of beef going on between us as we were training partners because he couldn’t accept that there was room for only one alpha male and when you’re the weak one, there’s only so much you can do.”

“Let’s just be honest, we absolutely dislike each other,” Amoussou added. “He’s a good opponent with a solid stand up, so am I. As for the rest, well I know, he knows. Let’s just say he better not put a foot on the ground. There will be no safe place in any aspect of the fight for him.”

Hadbi is coming off his biggest win to date, a TKO win over arch rival Mohammad Fakhreddine. The win catapulted Hadbi into title contention and Amoussou sees it as a win win situation for him to fight Hadbi.

However, he’s not sure if Hadbi feels the same way.

“If he doesn’t want to fight me, that’s cool with me as well. I can only understand. I would probably do the same if I were him. I’ve proven way more than him in the business so I’m definitely not chasing him around. I have nothing to prove to him, I’m the better fighter.”

“Look at my stats and look at his. What has he won? He has defeated one quite valuable opponent recently and now he thinks he’s on top of the world. Before that he got saved from a loss against Booth by the outcome being called a no contest. So, chill out Tahar.”

With Jarrah Al-Selawe also coming off a big win in his last outing over David Bear and improving to an impressive 4-0 under the Brave banner, Amoussou is open to fighting him as well.

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“I’d fight whoever is the best fighter to make me get that belt,” Amoussou said. “The welterweight division is very good, so is Jarrah and I’d be happy to fight him as well. I’ll fight the best to confirm that I am the best.”

Welterweight champion Carlston Harris hasn’t been scheduled for a fight yet which may leave room for one more number one contender fight. The former Cage Warriors champion and Bellator welterweight tournament winner Amoussou, believes he has enough career accolades to shoot right to the top of Brave’s welterweight division.

“It goes without saying that my immediate goal is to capture the Brave belt and obviously keep it,” Amoussou said. “I can’t predict the future but I somehow think that both Brave and I could do a great job together.”

“I am very excited to be part of that prestigious organisation. I love the shows they are making and I believe I will have a bright future with them.”


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