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The Carabao (EFL) Cup has always been treated by the big clubs as a competition to test their youth and reserve team players, to gain experience. But in recent years, it has become a vital competition as the big clubs look for more silverware to add to the trophy cabinet and raise their profiles commercially, which in turn, generates more sponsorship and other revenues for the clubs.

Let’s take a look at how the TV Rights revenue, Gate revenue and Prize money are distributed among the participants:

  • 45% gate receipt for every home away match from Round 1 to Wembley Final
  • Part of broadcasting money to teams who’s games are shown live in UK territory
  • £100,000 for the winner of Carabao (EFL) Cup
  • £50,000 for the runners-up
  • Europa League place for the winners or runner ups (in case winners qualified through the league system)
  • The prize money – FA will distribute to the winners of round 1 ties £5,000, round 2 winners get £7,000, round 3 winners get £10,000, round 4 winners get £15,000 and semi-finals winners get £25,000.

Carabao (EFL) Cup at Wembley Stadium

Carabao (EFL) Cup Prize Money Breakdown:

Round 1 (35 teams) – (total 70 teams enters round 1) £5,000
Round 2 (24 teams) – (13 premier league teams join) £7,000
Round 3 (16 teams) – (24 round-2 winners joined by 8 premier league teams playing in Europe) £10,000
Round 4 (8 teams) – (winners of round 2) £15,000
Quarterfinals (4 teams) – £20,000
Semifinals (2 teams) – £25,000
Runners-up (1 team) – £50,000
Winners (1 team) – £100,000

Carabao (EFL) Cup at Wembley Stadium

Gate Revenue and TV Rights Revenue:

Each finalist gets 45% of the Wembley final ticket sales revenue. Which is approximately just over £1 million. Gate revenue from the first round games is divided 45% for each team and 10% for the FA. That is why some time lower league teams are over joyed when they draw a top premier league side away.

So a good run of results for a lower league side in the EFL Cup can bring them good results and if they can turn the odds win the cup they can also get a place in Europa League.

The exact amount of the TV Rights revenue for the Carabao Cup is mostly unknown, but it is not a significant amount.


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