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Swedish light heavyweight boxer, Badou Jack who is in Dubai for holidays and business, wants to re-match Adonis Stevenson in Dubai.

The Mayweather Promotions boxer, who fought Canada’s Adonis Stevenson for the WBC light heavyweight title last week, thinks he won the fight, which was scored as a majority draw. Two of the judges scored it a draw 114-114, and the third judge gave Jack a 115-113 edge. Early in the fight, Stevenson outworked Jack. It was the challenger’s plan to allow Stevenson to tire in the early rounds and to look to turn up the heat late.

“I thought I won it, it was a close fight but I still think I did enough to win, I was landing the big clean shots, I hurt him, almost knocked him out in the last round, if there was ten more seconds, he would’ve been knocked out.

“I started a little too slow, he is also a very dangerous fighters, so I was cautious in the beginning, I know he was going to get tired, so I put the pressure on him from round six.”

Badou doesn’t just want an immediate re-match with Stevenson; he wants it in Dubai.

Badou Jack with the Editor-In-Chief of The Sports Journal – Omar Al Raisi

“I want an immediate re-match, he said he is willing to give me a re-match and I guess Floyd and Adonis’ promoter is working on it right now. I’m ready to get back, I’m on vacation right now in Dubai, but I’m ready as soon as possible.”

“I want the re-match with Adonis Stevenson in Dubai. The first fight was in Canada, which is his backyard, he cannot come to the US, due to some legal problems, so I told him lets do it Sweden, in the UK, but its even better in Dubai.

“This is my second time coming to Dubai, I love it. Last time it was a week and this time, I’ve brought my wife and family and it’s going to be a great time.”

Badou Jack has recently launched a new sports supplements company called ‘Ripper Nutrition’ and after launching it in the US, he has his eyes on Dubai next.

“Yes, I just launched my new company called Ripper Nutrition, we got two products right now; OxyRipper and AminoRipper. The products are highly tested, it has no caffeine, it’s clean. It has Lunasin, there has been many case studies conducted on it, including Harvard and others. It’s a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

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“Ripper Nutrition is the only sports supplement that has it. It tastes really good too. We launched about a month and half ago in the US. We are meeting some distributors here in Dubai and we will launch it soon with the right partners.”

“I have also recently launched my charity foundation, called the Badou Jack Foundation. It’s my duty as a Muslim to give back to the community. I want to help kids from all over the world. The goal is to provide for the underprivileged youth of the world and our slogan is “to give for tomorrow’s youth a fighting chance.” I am building orphanages in countries like Gambia and also around the world. Providing them with clothes, food, education.”

One of the recent and most talked about fight in boxing is the heavyweight unification fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder and Badou thinks it’s a 50-50 fight.

“Yeah it is a 50-50 fight, I hope it happens, I’m friends with Anthony Joshua, I will root for him off course, Wilder can punch really hard, if he lands a clean right hand it could be over, but it’s the same thing with Joshua, if he lands a right, it will be over for Wilder as well.

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“It’s heavyweight boxing, anything can happen. Joshua is a better boxer, better technique, Wilder is a bit wild, he has a crazy style but that’s what makes him good and different. Sometimes it hard to fight guys like that, punches come from different angles, that you don’t anticipate.”

One of the most talked about fight in recent times in the UK is the Amir Khan vs Kell Brook fight, Badou thinks it will be a good fight if it happens, but cannot decide what will happen in that fight.

“They both have been in some big tough fights, Kell Brook has been TKO’d in two fights in a row, I don’t know if he had a come back fight yet, [Kell Brook beat Robchenko via knock out in his come back fight at 154]. I think he is in 154 and Amir Khan is in 147.

“Amir Khan is a Muslim brother and I know him a little bit, hopefully it will happen, it is a big fight in the UK, so may the best man win.”

Who is the next king of boxing and the top dog at 147 after Floyd Mayweather?

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“I told reporters five, six years ago, this guy Errol Spence is going to be a superstar, when he sparred Floyd, he had three or four fights back then, I was there and after the sparring session, I was like wow, this guy is going to be a superstar. I think it was 2013, the Guerrero fight.

“I think he will be the man on the top. Crawford is also good I think, he is moving up in weight. But I think after some more experience, Errol Spence beats all these guys”

Badou Jack, who is a Muslim, says he wants to set an example and showcase a positive side of Islam.

“I’m a Muslim family man, I try to be myself, I don’t talk trash so people can be proud of me as a Muslim. I don’t want to do the flashy, that’s not me.

“I wanna thank everybody for supporting me, I got a lot of messages from the fans here in Dubai. I would love to fight here one day; they never had a big title fight here. I would love that, hopefully one day. Watch out for our nutrition supplement, The Ripper Nutrition, launching soon in Dubai.”


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